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Frequently asked questions


Is your paper “EU Flower” certified?
We certify our products by the EU Flower and/or the Nordic Swan Eco Label which have both high requirements on the environmental impact of the production process. Moreover, our products and packaging are certified by different regional eco-labels depending on their origin.

Are your forests certified by PEFC or FSC?
Yes, pulp material used by Metsä Tissue is certified by PEFC and/ or FSC as we feel responsible for contributing to a sustainable forestry. Furthermore, Metsä Tissue has one of the highest shares of recovered paper usage in Europe which decreases the overall demand for virgin fiber pulp.

Why shouldn’t I just buy the cheapest tissue?
The better the paper, the fewer sheets need to be used to do the job thoroughly – regardless of whether it is about drying hands or wiping oil spills. The consumption and therewith the paper and maintenance costs will be decreased and the user will appreciate the higher performance of the tissue.

Isn’t washing more important for good hand hygiene than drying?
No, only washing the hands is not enough. First of all, after washing there are still 13% of the germs left on the skin. After you dried them with paper, your hands will hold only 2% of them. And secondly, the moist skin offers bacteria a great place to spread. They will reproduce faster and 500 times more new germs will be picked up by touching any surfaces.

Does it matter how I dry my hands?
Yes. Different studies (e.g. TÜV Rheinland Group 2005) showed that drying the hands with paper will decrease the number of remaining germs on the skin the most. It was further shown that the least hygienic way is to dry them with hot air dryers which even doubles the amount of bacteria on the skin.

Will the guests of my restaurant notice if I switch to a high quality toilet paper in the washroom?
In a recent survey people assessed “fresh toilet paper” as the most important thing in a public washroom after “overall hygiene”. Moreover, the majority thinks that the washroom is a reflection on the kitchen and even more than 90% think that a nice washroom shows customer care. Thus, yes – your guests will appreciate the difference.

Embossed or flat wipers – what is the better choice for me?
This depends on your needs. The structured surface of the embossed wipe will pick up dirt easier and also has a higher absorption capacity. An unembossed wipe is the better choice for polishing and cleaning windows and mirrors as it leaves less lint.