Washroom hygiene solutions – choose the number of visitors

Choose number of visitors Find an optimal solution for your customer or personnel washroom. Choose first the right country range above and then define whether it is a high or a low traffic washroom in question. Over 100 visitors per day in one washroom is considered high

Less than 100 visits / day / washroom
More than 100 visits / day / washroom
Quality Expectation

Choose the level of visitor expectation

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Check out the Katrin 6 grid tool for easy mapping of optimal washroom hygiene solutions.

Good quality hygiene solution for a high traffic washroom

Washroom hygiene in high traffic places such as schools or railway stations requires durable and efficient hygiene solutions. Through this Katrin solution your washroom offers all of that:  good hygiene,  reliable functionality and ease of maintenance for the cleaning staff.

The number of dispensers
The optimal dispenser number for your washroom solution depends on the facility size and maintenance frequency. Contact us and we will figure it out for you!