The Katrin Academy – To grow your business and ease your work

Katrin Academy is an immersive training program for Katrin partners who sell Katrin hygiene solutions or work with public washrooms and wiping in industrial workplaces.

The Academy provides:

  1. An introduction to the clean & green world of Katrin and our company Metsä Tissue
  2. Hard facts about the Katrin approach to hygiene, sustainability, products and solutions
  3. Orientation to enable you to use Katrin sales concepts, online tools and materials
  4. E-learning course library that enables self-study anywhere, anytime and with any device

After undertaking the Katrin Academy, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify and recognize Katrin sales opportunities fast
  2. Apply Katrin concepts to establish credibility
  3. Propose the optimal Katrin products for any situation
  4. Accurately determine Katrin alternatives to similar products on the market
  5. Highlight savings that can be made through Katrin’s innovative approach

To register a place on a Katrin Academy, book an Academy training session for your team or to get access to the Academy e-learning course library: