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Hygiene solution for production

The world of production covers anything from needles to aeroplanes. The type of soiling varies too: from tar to paint, oil to grease, dust to water... Production hygiene is a big part of any production processes and Katrin offers high-quality solutions to make your work easy and functional. Our products provide versatility, strength and low-linting properties – whether you are polishing, wiping or scrubbing.

Wiping in production areas
In production, the challenge is to work efficiently and quickly. Katrin's industrial wipes are perfect for wiping spills and keeping the production line clean and tidy, even in the most demanding places.

Cleaning with Katrin's industrial paper towels
Cleaning in production must be convenient and fast so that working is pleasant and safe. Katrin's hygiene products for production sites are competent and the industrial wipes are extremely absorbent.

Need a hygiene solution
for customer or employee washroom?