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Hygiene spreads success

The risk of infections increases in working communities such as schools, offices or factories when people come in close contact with each other. It has been estimated that European businesses lose hundreds of millions of euros per year because of the common cold. The Katrin Washroom Program is designed to help customers save costs, improve productivity, and motivate employees. 

Direct and indirect costs
An average employee is absent because of the common cold 9 days per year. This means, for example, in a 100 person organisation a total of 900 sick days. Sick days mean direct costs in medical care, but also indirect costs in finding replacements, missed customer appointments or problems in delivery. 

Hand washing – a simple cure with no side effects
80% of all infections are transmitted through touch (1). Bacteria are all around us. An average office desk has 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat (2). But luckily, help is near. The health authorities agree: hand washing with soap is the best way to stay healthy. According to studies (3), proper hand hygiene can cut absenteeism by 50%.

Katrin Hygiene Consultancy at your service
Katrin will launch a new service model called Katrin Hygiene Consultancy this year. The service model includes inspection of customer premises, overall rating for the current condition of organisation’s washrooms, suggestions for improvements as well as useful advice. 

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