Paper Products

The wood we use  in Katrin paper products is 100 % traceable:

  • 88 % from certified forests
  • 12 % from controlled forests

Every single tree is important that’s why we utilize each part:

  • 25 % for pulp, paperboard, tissue and cooking papers
  • 60 % for sawn timber
  • 15 % bark, branches and tops for bio energy production

We plant 4 new seedlings for every tree we fell.

​Over 94% of our production side streams are used as raw materials or energy.

Our CO2 emissions have reduced by 45% since 2009.

​We use 90 % renewable energy in our production.

99.6% of the water we use is surface water from lakes and rivers.

Dispensers and Bins

The plastic parts of our dispensers are completely recyclable.

​All black parts are made from recycled plastic.

​The material of plugs in Katrin System towel rolls will be also changed into recycled material.

​All Katrin dispensers are made of plastic to ensure they are robust and long-lasting yet recyclable.