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Paperline, UK

Katrin products guarantee our customers the consistent quality they need, and come with impeccable environmental credentials.

Paperline is one of the major UK suppliers of disposable hygiene products, and has been a Katrin distributor since 1989, stocking over 60 products from the range.

“We still have one or two sales people in the organisation who have been selling the range since 1977 says Peter Wilson, Paperline’s MD, “and these guys know that Katrin customers are likely to remain contented and loyal to the product.”

He comments that it has been good to see the Katrin brand expand rapidly in recent years, adding a wider range of towels, many of them recycled, and the exciting new selection of dispensers are apparently proving very popular. “This has broadened the appeal of the range considerably and enabled us to move into new markets”, says Peter. Katrin’s efforts to constantly improve the environmental impact of their products are increasingly valuable as customers become more aware of these issues. Customers are increasingly anxious to use recycled products wherever possible, and to ensure that the forests from which they originate are sustainable.

Top notch service is the key to Paperline’s 20 years of continuous sales growth, and that means it is essential to have 98% of their 1500 products in stock for immediate despatch. Katrin’s ability to reliably deliver pallet loads of products weekly to their warehouse is a key element of the operation, helping to ensure customers are always kept fully supplied. 

Customer reference
Peter Wilson, MD
Metsä Tissue Limited
Marcar House, 13 Parkshot
Richmond upon Thames
Surrey TW9 2RG
London, UK
Paperline, UK