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University of Plymouth Student Union, UK

Adressing high levels of waste

There are approximately 30 toilets across the UPSU estate and they were using a single sheet centre feeding style device throughout these facilities. Richard explains, “We found these devices were not really working for us. Firstly, once the roll is three quarters used up, it dropped and got stuck – meaning that we were wasting the last quarter of the roll. This level of waste soon mounts up”. He goes on, “Secondly, the devices do not look like traditional dispensers. Students had a tendency to push the paper back through the small, round, dispenser opening (either by mistake or “for fun”), meaning the next user has no access to paper. The net result was students trying to force the dispenser open – and actually pulling the dispensers off the wall. We were losing 3 dispensers per week because of this problem, and we knew we had to look for an alternative solution”.

Richard asked a local distributor in to look at the situation, and they recommended discussing the requirements with Metsa Tissue. Richard explains, “They told us that Metsa’s System products are a great solution in high traffic areas. In addition, they advised that had just introduced their new range of Katrin Inclusive dispensers, with a wide range of accessibility features, which are ideal for an educational environment”.​

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