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Schools at Pfaffenhausen

Located in Germany, The Pfaffenhausen Schools Association oversees the school and teaching-related activities, as well as the costs of domestic and cleaning staff. There are 560 pupils in total and 11 in-house members of the domestic staff ensuring cleanliness in the facilities.

There is a strict emphasis on hygiene at the schools. The children already know that they must wash their hands in order to avoid infections. Caretaker Helmut Grünwald gives credit to the functionality of Katrin dispensers: “Their ease of use is apparent in everyday life.” “We sought for an integrative solution and found one. It was particularly useful that not a single new hole had to be drilled into the wall, thanks to the well thoughtout back plates of the dispensers”, continues Grünwald.

The school is going through a major renovation. Due to the good experiences with Katrin products, also older hot air drying systems are being replaced with latest standards in paper and dispenser systems. In addition to good school spirit, it is known that cleanliness promotes cleanliness and prevents vandalism. “Vandalism is foreign to us. The children treat the buildings, furniture and fittings carefully”, says Roland Krieger, the Chair of the Schools Association and Mayor of the market town of Pfaffenhausen.

Pfaffenhausen School solution.

  • Katrin dispenser systems and tissue products are used inschool kitchens and school canteens
  • 26 classrooms
  • 29 washrooms
  • 15 special teaching rooms

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The Pfaffenhausen Schools
Helmut Grünwald, Caretaker
Metsä Tissue GmbH
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Schools at Pfaffenhausen