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Improve the customer experience of your establishment with the new Katrin washroom fragrance world

In public washrooms unpleasant odours are common. This can make users feel uncomfortable and unwilling to visit the toilet. Unpleasant odours often create a feeling that hygiene is lacking, cleanliness is poor and the washroom owner has no understanding of how its users feel. With the right washroom solution, including perfectly matching hygiene papers and dispenser systems, supplemented by high-quality and refreshing fragrance solutions, the washroom can be a pleasant experience for the user.

Katrin brings freshness and well-being to washrooms. With three new fragrances, we give our washroom solutions that certain something. Immerse yourself in our new fragrances and experience the gentle breeze of "Arctic Breeze", the warm scent of fresh flowers from "Sunny Garden" or just the purity of "Pure Neutral".

Upgrade your Katrin washroom solution with the Katrin fragrance world and give your washroom a new level of freshness. Explore our solution finder >