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5th of May - Katrin Supporting World Hand Hygiene Day !

Katrin is supporting World Hand Hygiene Day May 5th to reinforce that effective hand washing, plus drying, is proven to significantly reduce the viral and bacterial infections that can be transmitted by touch.

By paying attention to hand hygiene and by using the right technique, it is relatively easy to underpin health practices and we at Katrin believe that EVERYONE has the right to good hand hygiene, in all public areas.

Ensuring good hand hygiene by washing your hands thoroughly is important always

  • before and after visiting a healthcare setting
  • after using the toilet or changing a nappy
  • before and after handling raw foods like meat and vegetables
  • before eating or handling food
  • after blowing your nose, sneezing or coughing
  • before and after treating a cut or wound

To be effective and prevent transmission of infectious microorganisms’ hand washing and drying, with a single use paper towel, is essential. And did you know hand drying is as important as washing, removing germs from hands and banishing them to the waste disposal process.

Hand washing steps to ensure good hand hygiene

  1. Wet your hands with water
  2. Wash your hands carefully with soap - finger tips, the back of your hands and wrists too
  3. Rinse the soap from your hands carefully
  4. Dry your hands carefully with a disposable paper towel
  5. Turn off the tap using the paper towel
  6. Dispose of the paper towel hygienically

When it comes to hand drying, the recent Katrin Washroom study (1 highlighted that Paper is still the most preferred way of drying hands in public washrooms and the preference has increased from 59% up to 61 % since the last study 2020.

During a pandemic, it is obvious that people fear going into public toilets more than ever. This is understandable but unnecessary when organizations equip their toilets with the correct hygiene solutions. As well as taking away user fear, a washroom with a high level of hygiene, delivering excellent hand hygiene, will enhance brand reputation and boost customer satisfaction.

At Katrin, our mission is to help our customers achieve 100% hygiene for all of their washrooms, with smart and functional hygiene solutions that also support an efficient cleaning service.

For further information about Katrin washroom solutions and studies, please turn to your local Marketing Manager:

Central East Europe: Monika Grzebalska, monika.grzebalska@metsagroup.com
Finland and Baltics: Julia Laaksonen, julia.laaksonen@metsagroup.com
Scandinavia: Kajsa Rynman, kajsa.rynman@metsagroup.com
UK and Ireland: Denise Nee, denise.nee@metsagroup.com
West Europe: Claudia Naglo, claudia.naglo@metsagroup.com

(1 Source: Kantar / Metsä Tissue, Katrin Washroom study 2021, European results