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Warwick Independent School Foundation, UK

Full Budget Control

Across all of the schools, the themes are common – children are welcomed and celebrated for who they are, and given the opportunity to explore and develop their interests, and gain confidence in their abilities so that they can grow and develop, realizing ambitions and dreams, whatever they may be. Of course, as with all educational stablishments, budgets are tight and carefully managed. Sam Hanson, Estates and Operations Manager across all the schools joined the establishment early in 2015, and was tasked with finding ways to save costs across the Estate. The first thing Sam realised was that the schools had a mix and match approach to toilet rolls, across the estate. Sam explains, “This kind of situation reduced the buying power for the institution, and meant that 3 different types of stock had to be maintained at an appropriate level, which is not cost effective. For me, the best way to reduce cost was to standardise on dispensers and rationalise our product usage – so we just needed to decide which system to settle on”.

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