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Metsä Tissue wins double industry awards for the new range of Katrin Inclusive Dispensers


Metsä Tissue, part of Metsä Group, has won first place with its Katrin inclusive Dispenser range, in two industry product awards, run by Tomorrow's Cleaning and Tomorrow's FM publications.

Metsa Tissue's new Katrin Inclusive Dispenser range has been designed in collaboration with industry experts, as well as a wide variety of customers and end-users right across Europe, and particularly takes into account the needs of a wide selection of users, including children, the elderly and those who are visually impaired, or have physical disabilities.

"These are great recognitions and it is good to see that we have managed to launch the leading dispenser set that our customers appreciate", says Juha Tilli, Head of BU Away from Home, Metsä Tissue. "And what makes this even more valuable is the fact that facility management and cleaning sector are extremely important customer segments for us, so them recognizing the work that we've done is a very positive sign for us."

"These awards are an honor and great recognitions of what we set out to do. We consider it a win for inclusivity, and we hope others will follow suit and see the same opportunities and benefits of inclusive design. We will certainly continue our efforts to offer solutions which are a pleasure to use for everyone", says project engineer Henrik den Ouden Runshaug who has led the design of the new Inclusive Dispensers.

Matt Waring, Editor at Tomorrows Cleaning says, "Rebekah Thompson (editor at Tomorrows FM) and I were pleased to announce our winners individually on Friday 18th March. The fact that Metsa has won awards in two different publications, suggest that the products have been really appreciated by readers across both industries. We would like to congratulate all involved and are looking forward to presenting them with their well-deserved trophies at Interclean in May!"

Not only were the Katrin dispensers designed to be inclusive - these dispensers have innovative maintenance features and even the smallest details have been tested to ensure easy and safe usage for everyone. The dispensers passed the safety, durability and fit for use tests with flying colours, receiving a certificate from the global leader in testing, inspection and certification: Bureau Veritas. The dispensers were even tested for visual appeal. In comparison to other dispensers, a vast majority of the test subjects (74 %) preferred the Katrin Inclusive Design. ​​

For further information, please contact:

Juha Tilli, SVP, Away from Home, Metsä Tissue, tel. +358 40 829 9373