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Katrin – Bringing Innovation to the industry, year on year



Katrin, from Metsä Tissue, offers a wide range of tissue consumables, including hand towels, toilet tissue, wiping products and excellent Systems as well as conventional dispensers. Much more than this, Katrin's award winning* products always offer innovation to away from home customers.

Katrin looks at away from home situations in a different way to most, and more than "just tissue" with solutions to meet the wide and varied functional and sustainable requirements of the many sector environments that it works in.

Making Life Easier in all sectors

The award winning* Katrin Handy Pack is a great solution for the FM and Contract Cleaning environment. The cases are durable and protect the contents from moisture. The packs stack easily (again, enabling larger volumes of product to be transported, saving on the environmental burden of transport vehicles) and the "carry handles" make them very easy for staff to hold and transport. In particular, the packs can be effectively used by cleaning staff to distribute products around the building, directly from the packs. They can be easily carried or hooked on to the cleaning cart so staff will be literally able to carry 'thousands of hand dries all in one hand' and ensure that there are always hand towels available. More importantly, from an environmental perspective, they will produce less volume of waste than traditional cardboard cases and the waste that is produced is completely recyclable.

Flushed with Success

Toilet blockages can be costly and inconvenient, and can have a dramatic impact on the business environment. Blockages can occur in vacuum toilet systems, such as that used in transport washrooms, a water saving system as installed in a new build office environment, an old drainage system in city centre restaurants, or whether it is because of mis-use – with children in educational environments being particularly likely to put washroom products where they shouldn't be! The paper towels and toilet tissue in the Katrin EasyFlush® range disintegrate into much finer particles than other tissue papers and fast (within 90 seconds). The paper begins to dissolve sooner, and the whole dissolution process takes only about half the time it does with normal paper products. Cost savings are created through a reduction in expensive maintenance jobs. The paper towels are also just the right size to fit in the integrated toilet facilities equipped with fixed dispensers that can be found in travel or retail areas.

Something for everyone "on the go"

The Katrin Easy Pick is a self dispensing hand towel solution that provides instant access to clean, hygienic hand towels, wherever you are. Ideal in mobile food outlets, paramedics, other medical staff on call, care workers who visit patients at home, people working in confined spaces or very wet environments, dentists, vets, patient rooms, customer waiting areas, school receptions, public transport, private transport, leisure environments. Easy Picks are a compact, lightweight and easy to carry and dispense towels that are hypo-allergenically tested and so kind to hands. The plastic sleeves protect the products from moisture, grease and dirt wherever they are used.

Being Inclusive means taking extra care of all guests

This award winning* Katrin Inclusive dispenser range was been designed in collaboration with industry experts, as well as a wide variety of customers and end-users right across Europe, and takes into account the needs of a wide selection of users, including children, the elderly and those who are visually impaired, or have physical disabilities.

Strong contrasting colours make the dispensers very easy to see, especially, when they are mounted on a wall of the same colour. Use of large "push faces" eliminates the need to turn 'wheels' to feed paper - something which can be difficult for some users. For all dispensers, the paper is very easy to remove, and can be pulled out with one hand. Katrin Inclusive Dispensers also use braille text on all of the 'push faces' to further help visually impaired users in their everyday life.

In addition to enhanced usability, the new range of dispensers includes features to enable ease of installation and maintenance. The transparent housing lets maintenance personnel to see where to drill screw holes, and transparent side panels show at a glance how much tis­sue, soap or other consumable is left. This saves time for facilities personnel and ensures optimum product availability and efficient daily maintenance.

Katrin Inclusive Dispensers are simple to disassemble and when recycled, the materials can easily be separated from one another. The dispensers are made from durable ABS and polypropylene plastic, both of which are totally reusable.

Proper use of resources

Improving quality and sustainability​ are always key drivers during Katrin development programmes and the Windmill embossing is another example. The Windmill embossing uses an increased air pocket size, which naturally increases absorbency. It also means that less glue is needed, which in turn leads to further significant improvement in absorption capacity. Greater absorbency results in less product used, which both saves money and reduces waste. In addition, these design concepts enhance the softness of the products, making them even more pleasant to use. One soft absorbent sheet will always be enough to dry hands efficiently, minimizing waste and helping to save the world's natural resources.

Knowledge is Power

The Katrin Academy is the tool that enables the Katrin team to maximise the benefit of all of this innovation. Believeing that training is the key to ensuring success, Katrin Distributor customers are immersed in the Katrin Academy training program, to ensure that they understand the features, benefits and messaging of Katrin products. The program includes the chance to understand the industry history, to look at today's product set and to look forward to the innovation of the future. The content is very practical, memorable and fun, and along the way, attendees absorb lots of facts, figures and product detail as well as having the chance to practice using this information in a live, but non-customer environment. The end result ensures that Katrin business partners are as knowledgeable as Metsa Tissue's own staff, and can match the best innovative Katrin solution to each end user's unique requirement.

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The Katrin Handy Pack and EasyPick have been recognised in the Tomorrows Cleaning Product Innovation Awards, and the Katrin Inclusive Range won the awards in 2016.

​Katrin Inclusive dispensers also won two awards for design excellence at the annual Norwegian Design and Architecture Awards in Oslo.