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Within the brand KATRIN, our goal is to constantly advance and improve ourselves, according to our cornerstones EASY, INSIGHTFUL and TRUSWORTHY. The new brand strategy and the revision of KATRIN’s communication approach have led us to take a closer look at our packaging design and to start making changes.  

The revised packaging design builds upon the concept of “Inclusive Design”, which stands for products that are easy to understand and easy to use for everyone.  We emphasize clear and distinct elements in order to improve the legibility and comprehensibility of relevant information, as well as to enhance shelf presence of the packaging.


As environmental considerations are important to us, we have decided to use up the existing packaging material and to destroy as little of the old material as possible. That is why the new design will slowly be incorporated into the market starting Autumn 2017. Our goal is to complete the relaunch in Spring 2018. 
During the conversion phase, you will receive regular updates on our progress.

Products appearing in new packging will still retain their existing article numbers.