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Air Is Fantastic But Do You Choose It For Hand Drying?

Modern air dryers may not be as hygienic as you think. If you want to be HYGIENIC, Katrin believes that you should use paper towels to dry your hands.

5th of May - Katrin Supporting World Hand Hygiene Day !

With proper hand hygiene, it is easy to underpin health practices. We at Katrin believe that EVERYONE has the right to good hand hygiene, in all public areas.

Save the date: Tissue Paper, The Smart Choice Virtual Summit 29 April 2021

Welcome to hear experts' latest insights about the hygiene and health benefits of tissue paper.

New study underpins that paper hand towels are still the most preferred way of drying hands in a public washroom

KATRIN IS ALWAYS CLEAN & GREEN--The best level of washroom hygiene with the highest standards of sustainability

Katrin is a partner in hygiene solutions and sustainable growth - everything we do, we do it in a clean & green way.


Hygiene has never been more important, and our hands have never played a more important role.

Hand washing is an easy way to promote health for yourself and your community

Careful hand washing and drying significantly reduces the viral and bacterial infections which can be transmitted by touch.

The Metsä Tissue Katrin Master Range, has been shortlisted for the Tomorrows Cleaning Awards, run by Tomorrows Cleaning (published by Opus Business Media).

The Metsä Tissue Katrin Master Range, has been shortlisted for the Tomorrows Cleaning Awards, run by Tomorrows Cleaning (published by Opus Business Media).

Improve the customer experience of your establishment with the new Katrin washroom fragrance world

In public washrooms unpleasant odours are common. This can make users feel uncomfortable and unwilling to visit the toilet.

Katrin Sunny Garden fragrance world - A summery bouquet of flowers

Katrin "Sunny Garden" transforms the washroom into a wonderfully fragrant flower meadow and gives every washroom user a pleasantly fresh fragrance experience.

Katrin Pure Neutral fragrance world – Odourless purity

With Katrin "Pure Neutral", every washroom becomes a clean and hygienic oasis of well-being where unpleasant odours are simply neutralised.

Katrin Arctic Breeze fragrance world – The cool and refreshing breeze of the Arctic

Katrin "Arctic Breeze" brings a cool and fresh Arctic breeze into your washroom and turns your visit to the world's most important place into a special scent of frost and freshly washed laundry.


A product range which offers the highest industry standards to everyone.

For the highest quality standards

Because of our windmill embossing, which was developed specifically for commercial paper towels, our hand towel rolls have larger air pockets between the plies.

Katrin Plus Toilet 150

Hotels need intelligent hygiene solutions that provide a luxurious feel for guests but also deliver cost in use with a professional implementation.

Katrin at the Interclean in Amsterdam

Tomorrow's Care and Tomorrow's Cleaning Awards 2018

Metsä Tissue, part of Metsä Group, is extremely pleased to have has won FIRST place with its Katrin inclusive Dispenser range, in the product awards run by Tomorrows Care, and THIRD place in Tomorrows Cleaning.

Washroom - Every target group has different needs and expectations

Visitor’s expectations typically vary depending on the type of location and the volume of traffic (high, medium or low).

The names of the different folds available in the Katrin paper hand towel range

Are you familiar with the names of the different folds available in the Katrin paper hand towel range?

Camp Kernow, UK

With the idea of sustainability focussing on creating a better future for our children

Leverstock Green Lawn Tennis Club, UK

Hot Air dryers were not an attractive option – hygiene statistics showed us quite clearly that bacteria are not removed efficiently from hands using hot air dryers.

Mc Donalds, FR

The home of haute cuisine now has almost 1,300 McDonald’s restaurants serving their food and drink, evidence of a significant change in eating behaviour in France.

Premier Travel, UK

Coach trips are sometimes “just a means to get from A to B”, but at Premier Travel Services, they are usually an opportunity for a much more fun trip, from a day at the seaside to a far flung travel destination...

Redwood Care Home Ltd, UK

Redwood Care Homes Ltd is a care home group of 13 homes in and
around the Midlands, with its head office in Stourbridge.

rtfacts, UK

Design is a very hands-on business - making sure that designs are fit for purpose includes touching (and sharing) the phones, keyboards, screens, scalpels, markers, papers, boards and plastics constantly throughout the day.

Schools at Pfaffenhausen

Located in Germany, The Pfaffenhausen Schools Association oversees the school and teaching-related activities, as well as the costs of domestic and cleaning staff.

University of Plymouth Student Union, UK

There are approximately 30 toilets across the UPSU estate and they were using a single sheet centre feeding style device throughout these facilities.

Warwick Independent School Foundation, UK

Across all of the schools, the themes are common – children are welcomed and celebrated for who they are