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Hand washing is an easy way to promote health for yourself and your community


Careful hand washing and drying significantly reduces the viral and bacterial infections which can be transmitted by touch.
According to The World Health Organization, washing hands with soap and water is the most effective way to fight infections and drying hands with a disposable paper towel is the most effective way to remove any germs that remain on hands after washing.
So, it is easy to promote good health simply by paying attention to hand hygiene, especially in the following situations: before preparing, serving or eating food; after going to the toilet; after touching animals; after meeting someone who is unwell.

Stay healthy, follow these steps when washing your hands

  1. Wet your hands with water
  2. Wash your hands carefully with soap - finger tips, the back of your hands and wrists too
  3. Rinse the soap from your hands carefully
  4. Dry your hands carefully with a disposable paper towel
  5. And finally turn off the tap using the paper towel

The Toilet Report 2020 reveals how Europeans take care of hand hygiene when visiting a public toilet

Looking at the January 2020 Toilet Report* from Metsä Tissue, Europeans take their hand hygiene quite seriously but there is also room for improvement. 

After visiting a public toilet

​of 3502 respondents say they always wash their hands with warm water
​of 3502 respondents say they always wash their hands with soap
​of 3502 respondents say they always dry their hands with paper towels

Katrin paper hand towels for employee and customer washrooms – a hygienic and environmental choice

According to the Toilet Report 2020* Europeans prefer paper hand towels when visiting a public toilet:


of 3502 respondents say they prefer paper towels when in public toilet

Studies** also clearly show that disposable paper wipes microbes off the skin and as a result, is a better option than cotton towels with the heavier ecological footprint, or electric air driers that spread bacteria all over the bathroom with the air they blow.
In addition to being proven as a better option for hand drying, Katrin tissue paper hand towels are a sustainable combination of recyclability, reduced consumption and minimized impact on the environment. 

Learn more about good hand hygiene, environmental Katrin products and the sustainable approach we take at Metsä Tissue:


*Metsä Tissue study: The Toilet Report 2020, the study about public toilets in Europe. Countries included: Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Poland, Sweden, UK - (January 2020). N=3502.
**Eurofins-Inlab study: Microbial contamination of surfaces associated with different types of hand drier devices (2012). The Hygienic Efficacy of Different Hand-Drying Methods: A Review of the Evidence. Mayo ClinicProceedings (August 2012).