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The Katrin Brand

Operating in more than 30 countries, our Katrin brand is well established across the Nordics and in all European countries.

As a part of Metsä Group, a responsible Finnish forest industry group producing high-quality products mainly from renewable Nordic wood, we are a strong and reliable business partner for successful, long-lasting customer relationships.  

With Katrin we strive to make life and operations with us as a business partner as easy as possible for our customers. We offer tailor made solutions based upon our customers’ needs.

We are always aiming to fulfill our customers’ expectations. Our customers and partners gain cumulative benefits with Katrin: we ensure that environmental, social and economic impacts are in perfect balance. 

Our vision is to be the brand that our customers recognise as embodying the following core values:

  • Easy – we help customers to do better business in an easier way (by offering them handy sales tools & growth driving services)
  • Insightful – based on our market knowledge we provide tailored solutions and business opportunities 
  • Trustworthy – we are reliable in every aspect of the partnership from the product  right through the whole value chain 

Early life
Our Katrin AfH brand was one of the first away-from-home tissue brands in Europe, having been introduced in 1974. The word “Katrin” originates from the Metsä Tissue Katrinefors mill, which was founded in 1765. The mill was named after the founder’s wife and is the origin of the brand and products that we know today.