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Katrin Centerfeed M Dispenser - White Metal

  • Elegant dispenser for medium sized centre feed rolls
  • Painted steel (white)
  • Robust and reliable
  • Inspection window shows when it is time to refill the paper
  • Simple to load - The front folds simply to the side, making it easy to refill with a large amount of paper at one time
  • Simple to install, load and maintain
  • Lockable
CertificatesISO 9001: ISO 9001 is a family of standards for QM systems. Companies which continuously work with clear processes and responsibilities, improve their processes and are capable of delivering stable quality can get the certificate. ISO 14001: ISO 14001 is a family of standards for environmental management systems. Companies which continuously translate environmental laws and guidelines into actions and strive to reduce emissions can get the certificate.
Product / Consumer pack
Colour Palette
Size consumer pack
x 261 mm
y 365 mm
z 261 mm
CP Gross Weight
3.1 kg
Transport pack
Number Of Consumer Packs
x 275 mm
y 290 mm
z 365 mm
EAN Code
TU Gross Weight
3.4 kg
Transport pallet
Number Of Transport Packs
Size Transport Pallet
x 1200 mm
y 1310 mm
z 800 mm
Pallet Gross Weight
134.2 kg
EAN Code
Measurements and installing