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Katrin Classic Toilet 250

  • Quality conventional toilet rolls
  • 2-Ply, white, 250 sheets
  • Soft, absorbent paper for maximum comfort
  • Suitable for all public environments
  • All Katrin toilet papers are made from high quality fibers and have been proven, via Dissolving test 90 seconds, Metsä Tissue 02 method, to break down and dissolve quickly and efficiently in water, under normal usage conditions
  • Certified under the Nordic Swan Eco Label
  • Certified under the EU Flower Eco Label
  • Dermatologically tested and approved
CertificatesDermatologically tested and approved: The Dermatological Test guarantees the skin friendliness of a product. The product is tested by persons with various skin types and allergies and only if no irritation can be detected, the product is approved.The EU Flower: The European Ecolabel is a voluntary scheme for businesses. The EU Ecolabel is part of a broader action plan on Sustainable Consumption and encourages businesses to market products that are kinder to the environment.ISO 9001: ISO 9001 is a family of standards for QM systems. Companies which continuously work with clear processes and responsibilities, improve their processes and are capable of delivering stable quality can get the certificate. ISO 14001: ISO 14001 is a family of standards for environmental management systems. Companies which continuously translate environmental laws and guidelines into actions and strive to reduce emissions can get the certificate.The Nordic Swan label: The Nordic Ecolabel is a voluntary scheme for businesses. It evaluates a product
Product / Consumer pack
Colour Palette
CP Gross Weight
0.8 kg
Number Of Rolls
Size consumer pack
x 195 mm
y 98 mm
z 385 mm
Grammage Per Ply
2 x 16.5 g/m2
Core Diameter
Ø 43 mm
Number Of Plies
Number Of Sheets
EAN Code
Size Sheets
x 116 mm
y 98 mm
Size Rolls
Ø 105
y 98 mm
x 29 m
Transport pack
Number Of Rolls
EAN Code
TU Gross Weight
6.51 kg
Number Of Consumer Packs
Sack Width Depth Height
x 390 mm
y 196 mm
z 780 mm
Transport pallet
Number Of Transport Packs
Size Transport Pallet
x 1200 mm
y 2110 mm
z 800 mm
Pallet Gross Weight
221 kg
EAN Code