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From Sweden with love

Away from home tissue brands began to emerge in Europe in the early 1970’s. Born in 1974, Katrin was one of the first. The name “Katrin” originates from Metsä Tissue Katrinefors mill, founded in 1762. The mill was named after the founder’s wife. Today, a comprehensive range of Katrin tissue paper products, dispensers and consumables, are sold throughout the Europe and Russia.

Katrin is one of the market leaders in Finland, Scandinavia, Continental Europe and Central East Europe. Our share of the market is increasing in Western and Eastern Europe.  

Katrin facts and figures

  • Operations in 23 countries
  • 150 Katrin professionals
  • Products are manufactured in
    • Finland (Metsä Tissue Mänttä mill)
    • Sweden (Metsä Tissue Katrinefors, Nyboholm and Pauliström mills)
    • Germany (Metsä Tissue Kreuzau, Raubach and Stotzheim mills)
    • Poland (Metsä Tissue Warsaw and Krapkowice mills)
    • Slovakia (Metsä Tissue Žilina mill)
  • Certified environmental labels: The Swan Label and EU Flower
  • ISO certified production processes
  • Environmental #2 ranking (Metsä Tissue) in WWF list in 2007 and 2012